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Promoting Red Angus Cattle in Minnesota
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Round-Up Registration Deadline and Promotions Contest Deadline is Today, May 1!!

  • Round-Up will be June 27 – July 1 and based out of Sioux Falls this year. We will start off Round-Up by traveling to SDSU to tour their new cow/calf facility and research feedlots. We will also be touring TransOva Genetics, Solution Genetics, and other industries in NW Iowa. These are just a few of the fantastic stops we have planned.
  • Round-Up: MN Jr association pays for ½ of registration cost, plus $500 is allocated for travel expenses which is divided up to those attending with no one individual receiving more than $200 for transportation.
  • The promotions contest is designed to give JRA members the opportunity to compete in a national contest without attending Round-Up. To compete in the promotions contest, you must design some sort of promotional work. (Business card, bull sale ad, website, etc.) More information can be found on the Junior Red Angus page of the RAAA website (redangus.org/jra).
  • $50 Certificate:  Any junior member showing at a Minnesota sponsored Red Angus show receives a certificate for $50 off the purchase of a female at the Great Northern Sale
  • Comeback show:  $300 to Champion, $200 to Reserve Champion heifer, all others receive $50.  Comeback show held at the MN Junior Red Angus Summer show in Pipestone
  • High Point Selection:  Points will be issued for the animal and exhibitor together.  Points will be issued based on placing in individual classes as following: 1st = 5 pts, 2nd = 4 pts, 3rd = 3 pts, 4th = 2 pts, and 5th = 1 pt.  Lower placing than 5th would receive no points.  Three extra points for champion overall Red Angus and 2 extra points for reserve champion overall Red Angus.  Designated shows would include the following 6 shows:  MN Jr. Spring Classic, Austin, MN; Northern MN Jr. Classic, Bagley, MN; MN Jr Red Angus summer show, Pipestone, MN; Red River Valley Fair, Fargo, ND; Minnesota State Fair Open Class and Minnesota Beef Expo Red Angus Shows.  Individuals could only receive one high point award.  Awards to top Cow/Calf pair and the Top 3 heifers (Bred and calves).  Winners will be recognized at the Annual meeting on the Friday night prior to the Great Northern Sale.

Minnesota Red Angus Ambassador

The Minnesota Red Angus Association working together with the Minnesota Junior Red Angus Association annually select a junior member who is excited and willing to promote the Red Angus breed throughout the state of Minnesota. The person selected as the ambassador will represent both the senior and junior associations of the state. Not only will this young person have the opportunity to promote the breed around the state and meet great producers from different areas, but also the winner of the ambassador competition will be given a $250 scholarship and Belt Buckle!

Choose Red Angus…..Why?

  • Excellent maternal traits – Calving ease bar none, high rate of milk production making them excellent mothers that produced heavy weaning calves. 
  • Reproduction traits- Reproduction is the number one factor that influences profitability. The number and quality of the calves on the ground at the end of calving season represents the potential economic recieved on the herd bull investment. Red Angus breeders have focused on increasing the performance of their cattle, but have not lost sight of the importance of calving ease. As a result, the genetic trends of Red Angus show a strong increase in growth with only a small change in birth weight. Red Angus cows are early maturing, easy breeders who deliver live, vigorous calves and breed back within a very short time. 
  • Quiet, easy going dispositions –  The gentle dispositions of Red Angus cattle make them a pleasure to own and work with no matter of age, locale or operation.  Because of their gentle dispositions, many young people enjoy involvement with Red Angus cattle in junior shows throughout the nation in 4-H, FFA and open shows.  These are the Red Angus breeders of the future and the future of the Red Angus breed. 


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