Live|WiRED Tracking Red Angus EPDs in Action: Live|WiRED is a new project the JRA is currently working on. This project is all thanks to Penny, a Gelbvieh cow. Penny produced over 100 embryos over several flushes. These embryos are sired by 4 different bulls. Two bulls have very desirable sets of EPDs and are on the high end of a bell curve. The other two bulls have sets of EPDs that are undesirable and they are on the low end of a bell curve. The embryos were implanted in November and the progeny will be tracked over the course of their life and the actual data collected will be compared to the predicted data via EPDs.

The purpose of this project is to compare actual data to EPDs to help juniors obtain a better understanding of how EPDs work and to give a real scenario where EPDs can be put to the test to see how accurate they are.

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