Best of the Breeds Sale

Thanks to all who attended out sale!
(MNRA Great Northern) Saturday December 16th, 2017


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Hutchinson, MN
Sale starts at noon

MNRA Annual Meeting
Friday December 15th, 2017 6:00 PM
Days Inn Hutchinson, MN

There’s a block of rooms reserved at the Days Inn under the MNRA Association.

There will be a short MN JR Red Angus Association Meeting on Saturday, December 16th at 10:00 a.m. at the McLeod County Fairgrounds, Hutchinson, MN prior to the beginning of the Best of the Breeds sale. Agenda items include program activities and election of officers.

Anyone can donate a silent auction item to the Juniors.  Items will be displayed Saturday morning with the conclusion of the silent auction at approximately 2:00 p.m.  Please take time to bring a silent auction item and bid on silent auction items to support the Junior Association.

Please pass this information on to junior members and anyone you think would be interested in supporting the Junior Red Angus Association.

I would encourage Junior members to consider applying for the Junior Ambassador and for the Lori Fehrman Memorial Award.


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The 2017 Annual meeting was called to order at 7:33pm by Mike Nordlund.

Mike introduced new consignors. Jeff Bakken from Goodridge, MN. Jeff Schultz from Fairbault, MN.

Secretary report was read. Tyler Sonstegard made motion to accept minutes as read, Dave Kemen 2nd, the motion was accepted.

Paul asked if there is a certain dollar amount that the 2018 National Convention would want from the association. Dave said it is left up to the association to decided how much money they donate. Rich said they are just encouraging anyone to help and donate in any way they can. Attendance at the meeting is huge. Dave said that ND donated $10, 000. Paul said that in the past they had to raise a certain amount of money.  We will not be getting anything back, what we donate is what we donate. Every convention starts at an even balance.

Treasurers report was looked at, Darrin Nelson made a motion to accept the report, Paul Fehrman 2nd, motion was accepted.

Philip Berg gave the junior association’s report. He talked about how many kids and head were brought to each show. The numbers were up, there were a lot of exhibitors. The open class seems to grow each year for the Red Angus, while other breeds are decreasing. The donation heifer from the Great Northern Sale goes to the juniors. Half of the money goes to the junior association and the other half stays with the senior association to pay for awards and sponsorships throughout the year. Philip talked about possibly raising the amount for the Champion and Reserve awards, but isn’t sure how much money is needed for the National Convention. The support we give our juniors has shown in the rising numbers.

Paul Fehrman recommended changing the junior association’s budget to $3,000. Darrin Nelson made a motion to accept the recommended dollar amount for the juniors, and Ron Bird second. Motion was accepted.

Philip was contacted by Chuck Schwartau from the state fair board.  He asked if we wanted to go to a no fit show for the open class? Many of the other breeds have a no fit show. Philip asked if he should talk with the people that have been showing and ask them for their vote. Dave Kemen made a motion to accept Philip’s proposal, and Darrin Nelson second. Motion was approved.

Grant Nelson made a motion to leave the website with Barking Apple. Dave Kemen second.  Motion was accepted. Jon suggested that the videos are on the website sooner.

Grant talked about the Beef Expo. He met with all beef expo representatives and do not accept our proposal. They require that the specific animal that is being donated be in attendance at the MN Beef Expo. Grant proposed that the 1% that has been donated from the sale be used every other year for a youth program. Youth can apply towards receiving a credit toward purchasing a heifer from the Great Northern sale. Rich asked how much the 1% has brought in in the last 2 years, the dollar amount is $2407.95. Mike suggested that a committee be set up to help with this program and the rules that go along with it. The committee will be in charge of getting all information about this out to the public, and everything will be put on the website. Grant made a motion to accept the proposal that 1% of sale gross go towards starting a youth program. Ron seconded the motion. Motion was accepted.

Rich talked about the National Convention. It will be held in Watertown, SD on September 12-14, 2018 at the Ramkota. We want to get as many people there as possible. They are looking for sponsorships of any kind, state and individual support. They will not turn down any dollar amount. The Watertown chamber have been very welcoming. They are willing to send a bus to Sioux Falls to bring people to Watertown. They are asking for a lot of help from the MN association people.

Kyle thanked the consignors and discussed the 2017 sale. This year we are on DVAuction, and we hope that it helps with this year’s sale. Kyle asked the consignors to stay and make sure that their animal had a ride before they leave.

Mike asked for any input on the details for the 2018 Great Northern sale. He asked for a motion to turn all sale decisions over to the sale committee and board. Motion to let the board make the final decisions was made by Ron Bird and Jon Caraway seconded. Motion was accepted.

Mike said that Paul is stepping down from the sale committee and asked if anyone was interested in joining.  Bryant Bolduc volunteered. Due to unfortunate circumstances with the 2017 donation heifer, Paul Ferhman Family Red Angus donated $1500 instead. Nelson Family Red Angus volunteered to donate for the 2018 sale.

Rich Leiseth nominated Tyler Sonstegard for president. Rich moved that all nomination cease, and a unanimous ballot be cast for Tyler. Grant Nelson seconded the motion, and the motion was accepted. Ron Bird nominated Dave Kemen for vice president. Ron moved that all nomination cease, and a unanimous ballot be cast for Dave. Gary Jacobson seconded and the motion was accepted. Garrett Ulrich nominated Grace Offord for secretary/treasurer. Garrett moved that all nomination cease, and a unanimous ballot be cast for Grace. Grant Nelson seconded, and motion was accepted. Mary Kay Lacek nominated Jon Caraway as a director. Grant Nelson made the motion that all nomination cease, and Gary Jacobson seconded. Motion was accepted. Dave Kemen nominated Bryant Bolduc. Tyler Sonstegard made the motion that all nomination cease, and Grant Nelson seconded. Motion was accepted.

Dave talked about the National Convention, and asked what do we as an association want to do as a donation. Tyler said a minimum of a $1000. Rich made a motion that the association donate $2000. Gary Jacobson seconded the motion, and the motion was accepted.

A motion to adjourn the 2017 MN Red Angus annual meeting was made by Grant Nelson at 8:50pm and was seconded by Dan Larson.

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